Vasileios Kagaras, Greek Painter from Lamia

How can an indefinite technological object, a set of cold geometric shapes, in all shades of black and grey, magnetize the look for an hour? Are the red cables that, like our blood, insist on keeping us alive? In the paintings of Vasileios Kagaras the dream element is always here: in the lines that fade in the depths, in the absent but so eloquent details, in the dull fog emerging from place to place. And always the same look that, when personified, becomes a torrent without saying a word, the hard outlines of people which even with closed eyes say everything.

Andromachi Karagiannidou

Very interesting and up-to-date the issue of the exhibition. Man and technology, technology and man, of course at the service of man and only so. And the memory, both individual and collective. Memory is what will ensure us a smooth transition from yesterday to today and, of course, to the morrow. Memory is what will provide us with the tools of yesterday's understanding, the perception of today, the preparation for tomorrow. The words are poor, let the paintings speak to the mind and to the soul. And what do they have to say to eager ears.

Maria Routoula

Vasileios Kagaras, with the courage that Art gives to the creator, with a deep and insightful paintbrush, allows for a view of the multiple dimensions of modern reality in a way sometimes extremely realistic without abandoning his romantic naturalistic tendencies. Through this exhibition, he uniquely achieves a twofold goal. On the one hand, he reveals and shapes his manifest agony of the relationship between modern technology and human existence. On the other hand, through his works, he redefines traditional themes with a fresh look and in a penetrating way. Basil realizes his personal Reset by depositing his soul for a Pass that he undoubtedly deserves.

Art and Reality in a perpetual depiction of contradictions, secret co-fillings and a visual interior that draws and intermingles memory with colours, nature and soul, opposing and composing the technocratic nonconformist or metamorphic condition with searches and reflections of the time of the Lost Identity.

The harsh pressures of the automatization keys are in harmony with the gentle auto-extractions of mind-healing images, exacerbating unilateralism. Science-knowledge and technology are justified at a man-centered level.

Today, the speed of transition from one level to another and the results of progress are made in such a way that it cannot often be perceived by modern man, who, changing the scale of his values, loses his humanity, and ultimately serves technology rather than technology serving him.

Vasileios Kagaras's work disavows the unilateralism of the mechanistic perception of digital technology.

Vasileios Kagaras's man is not one-dimensional, he captures the real image of the world and acquires a global view of things through a spiritual adventure. The necessity of humanizing science and technology is emerging, which will predict the hopes for the real happiness of man and the balance with his inner self.

Bottom, ground, walnut and grey background colours, awkward, sometimes confused, are intertwined electronically in a visual recording of harmonic imbalance.

Vasiliki Leva